Consumer and retail news: 10 things you need to know today

Fast Food Sugar 4

Hollis Johnson

1. Burger King is copying one of McDonald’s most famous menu items

Burger King is adding a minty take on a famous seasonable shake to the menu, with the new Oreo Irish Mint Shake. The company announced it was adding the new shake to the menu for a limited time on Wednesday.

2. Surprising fast-food items that contain a shocking amount of hidden sugar

Americans consume 30% more sugar daily than we did three decades ago, according to the Obesity Society. We’ve found unassuming menu items at major food chains that have surprising amounts of sugar in them, many way above the daily recommended amount.

3. Chanel’s CEO is reportedly out

French luxury goods maker Chanel said on Wednesday that Chief Executive Maureen Chiquet will leave the company by the end of January, the New York Times reported.

4. Barbie is getting a makeover

Mattel Inc. is giving Barbie dolls a makeover. It will be adding three new body types (tall, curvy, and petite), seven different skin tones, new hairstyles and outfits, according to a press release.

5. There’s a massive salmonella outbreak in 39 states

A salmonella outbreak, connected to cucumbers, has spread throughout 39 states, as stated by the CDC. The cucumbers were grown in Mexico and distributed in San Diego.

6. Under Armour shares are going crazy — and it’s all about Steph Curry

Some of the biggest growth enjoyed by the company during the fourth quarter was from its footwear line, which saw revenue rise 95% to $167 million, a pop the company said was “primarily reflecting the success of the Curry signature basketball line” as well as an increase in running shoe sales.

7. New survey says Whole Foods has an image problem

A survey by BMO Capital Markets implies that a majority of Whole Foods customers no longer perceive the company as the leader in the quality, organic food category. Customers also don’t notice any change in prices, CNN Money reports.

8. Get ready for Amazon’s third billion-dollar business: Echo

Amazon reports its earnings on today. Echo has been in the market for only about 7 months, it’s been selling like hotcakes, consistently ranking high in Amazon’s best sellers list.

9. Almost a quarter of Unilever’s $8 billion ad budget is now spent on digital

Unilever is the second-biggest spender on advertising in the world. Almost a quarter (24%) of Unilever’s global ad budget goes towards digital media. The company recently announced a move towards “zero-based budgeting” for its marketing.

10. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh reveals what it was like losing 18% of his employees in a radical management experiment

A few days into the new year, 50 employees quit their jobs at Zappos. That was OK with CEO Tony Hsieh. We sat down with Hsieh in Zappos’ Vegas headquarters to discuss his ambitions for the year, why he decided to reinvent the way his company operates, and why he thinks it will ultimately prove to be worth the struggle.

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