Consumer and retail news: 10 things you need to know today

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe’s raw cashew pieces have been recalled.

1. Trader Joe’s has recalled its raw cashew pieces

The retailer said in a statement that it has recalled its raw cashew pieces due to a possible salmonella contamination. The retailer said there haven’t been any reported illnesses as of yet.

2. Find out if you live near one of the 153 US Walmart stores that are closing this month

Walmart will close 269 stores around the world, and 153 of those stores are in the United States and will shutter this month. Is your local store closing soon?

3. Coca-Cola just launched a massive new ad campaign to change the conversation around sugary drinks

Coke’s new ad campaign, “Taste the Feeling,” is attempting to fight declining soda sales, especially as consumers become more aware about the dangers of sugary beverages.

4. A Taco Bell exec who was fired after allegedly attacking an Uber driver is now suing him for $5 million

This past November, Benjamin Golden, 32, made waves after a video circulated of him attacking an Uber driver. He has since apologised, but according to court documents viewed by The Orange County Register, Golden is now suing the driver for $5 million.

5. Johnson & Johnson to cut 3,000 jobs

Johnson & Johnson plans to cut about 3,000 jobs, Bloomberg has reported. “The bold steps we are taking today are to evolve our offerings, structure and footprint and increase our investment in innovation. These actions recognise the changing needs of the global medical device market and are designed to deliver more value to customers, increasing,” the company wrote in a document.

6. Oreo has released its latest flavour

Eater has reported that Oreo has released its latest flavour: cinnamon bun, complete with cinnamon cookies.

Starbucks mobile orderStarbucks, via The Motley FoolStarbucks added a new feature to its app.

7. Starbucks’ mobile app launches new feature

Customers can now save songs playing in Starbucks stores to their Spotify accounts simply by using the Starbucks app, The Verge reports.

8. Adidas has appointed a new CEO

Kasper Rorsted will replace Herbert Hainer as the new CEO of Adidas, Fortune has reported. According to Fortune, he’ll join the company in August and officially take over in October.

9. Tiffany sales are tanking — and the real reason why is worse than the company claims

Comparable sales dipped 5% for the most recent quarter. This is largely attributable to a shift in the way American consumers are choosing to spend their money.

10. The best pizza place in New York City, according to Yelp

Rizzo’s Fine Pizza Co., with 314 total reviews and an average of 4 1/2 out of five stars, allegedly has the best pie, according to discerning Yelp reviewers. Tech Insider went to the Rizzo’s to find out just how good it actually is.

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