Consumer and retail news: 10 things you need to know today

Papa John's 3

Hollis Johnson

1. It costs almost nothing to open a Chick-fil-A

Despite its success, Chick-fil-A charges franchisees only $10,000 to open a new restaurant, and it doesn’t require candidates to meet a threshold for net worth or liquid assets, the company told Business Insider.

2. Papa John’s just made a huge change to its ingredients

The pizza chain announced on Tuesday that it had removed artificial flavours and synthetic colours from its food items, including pizza ingredients and toppings, desserts, and sauce selections.

3. Cadbury Creme Egg sales have plummeted after a controversial recipe change

Last January, Cadbury changed the recipe of its iconic Creme Eggs; it swapped the Dairy Milk the company used in its shells for “a standard traditional Cadbury milk chocolate.” Now, BuzzFeed News has reported that sales have dropped by more than $8 million since the big change.

4. Heineken ad says you’ll get more girls if you drink less beer

In a press release, Heineken said the advertisement is rooted in research conducted by research agency Canvas8. The research shows that “responsible drinking is becoming the preferred means of enjoyment” for people over 21-years-old.

5. Starbucks is offering a huge perk to workers in China

Starting this month, full-time baristas and shift supervisors in China’s Starbucks corporate stores will receive a monthly housing subsidy, expected to cover an average of 50% of monthly housing costs, according to a recent release.

6. Axe is dropping its bro advertising in favour of a more modern take on masculinity

Unilever-owned Axe is changing gears and dropping its signature “bro” ad campaigns. Instead, the company will be attempting to appeal to a wider demographic of men, by showing that masculinity is more expansive than just the idea of the alpha male.

7. Furious customers are calling a hot lingerie startup a scam because of its sales model

Lingerie startup Adore Me has been besotted with good press, but the company has also endured backlash from some of its customers. Adore Me operates on a subscription model, which locks buyers into monthly payments. Some consumers say they do not receive clear disclosure about this.

8. A barista has created a secret Valentine’s Day Starbucks menu

Tuscon, Arizona Starbucks barista Tony Aguilar posted photos of three Valentine’s Day-inspired Frappuccinos to Reddit, Delish has reported. He says he and his coworkers invented these beverages, which include the Valentine Frappuccino, the Love Bean Frappuccino, and the Java Berry Frappuccino.

9. A major Burger King franchisee has bought 42 more units

Cambridge Franchise Holdings has swept up 42 southern locations of fast food chain, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. Now, the franchisee has 85 units.

10. American Apparel briefly failed to make its payroll last week and the CEO is blaming Deutsche Bank

American Apparel temporarily missed its payroll for US staff last week, according to two internal emails obtained by Business Insider. At least one employee complained about not being paid on social media, also.

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