Consumer and retail news: 10 things you need to know today

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1. McDonald’s is trying to make its food look ‘ugly’

McDonald’s adsembracing messy, imperfect ingredients are among the most recent in a series of similar videos posted over the past couple of weeks. The intimate shots of McDonald’s food being prepared are most likely intended to fight the perceptions that the chain’s food is overly processed or that it is not freshly prepared.

2. Whole Foods is determined to take out Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and Kroger by offering one huge perk

Whole Foods has reportedly signed a five-year partnership with delivery startup Instacart, making it the exclusive delivery partner for Whole Foods’ perishables business, reports Re/code.

3. Target is soaring past Walmart and Amazon in the most important category

Today, Target reported digital sales increased 34% in the fourth quarter. For comparison, Walmart’s digital sales only increased 8% in the fourth quarter. Target even beat ecommerce giant Amazon, which grew net sales 26% last quarter.

4. Taco Bell has subtly become one of the healthiest fast-food chains

In the past few years, Taco Bell has pledged to cut artificial ingredients and switch to cage-free eggs. The brand has debuted the lower-calorie Fresco menu, the high-protein Cantina menu, and a vegetarian menu, and has reduced sodium by 15%.

5. Mastercard’s app that replaces passwords with selfies is coming this year

Mastercard announced at the Mobile World Congress on Tuesday that it would roll out an app this summer that lets people approve online payments with selfies and fingerprints, making traditional passwords obsolete, according BBC.

6. Apple Watch had a horrible holiday season

Apple shipped 4.1 million Apple Watches in the fourth quarter of 2015 and that’s way lower than most people were guessing.

7. According to Consumer Reports, these are the best car brands for 2016

Consumer Reports used road test scores, reliability, owner satisfaction and overall safety to evaluate an automaker’s entire model lineup.

8. McDonald’s upped the price on its value menu

McDonal’s McPick 2 for $2 is now McPick 2 for $5, as reported by Consumerist.

9. McDonald’s adds options to breakfast menu at California chains

McDonald’s is testing new breakfast items at 800 locations in California. It added an egg white and turkey sausage breakfast bowl with kale, spinach, bruschetta and cheese and replaced Chobani yogurt with the standard yogurt McDonald’s uses, according to the Orange County Register.

10. Checkers & Rally launches lower-priced hot dogs in opposition to Burger King

In response to Burger King’s new hot dogs priced at $1.99, Checkers & Rally launched a new ad that offers its hot dogs at .79 and chilli dogs at .99 cents each.

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