Consumer and retail news: 10 things you need to know today


Hollis Johnson
Uniqlo’s Oxford Slim Fit cloth button-down shirt.

1. Uniqlo made a tiny change to the shirt that made it famous

Uniqlo slightly loosened the fit of the Oxford Slim Fit Cloth button-down shirt. The reviews section for the shirt on Uniqlo’s website is filled with comments from consumers who dislike the change.

2. The lingerie brand that refuses to airbrush models just took another step to be more relatable to women than Victoria’s Secret

On Thursday American Eagle’s teen lingerie brand, Aerie, launched a new campaign supporting National Eating Disorders Association’s (NEDA) National Eating Disorders Week.

3. McDonald’s all-day breakfast is causing a crisis in the fast-food world

As competitors announce results, they’re admitting that McDonald’s is starting to steal market share. On Wednesday, Jack in the Box reported both profits and revenues that missed estimates.

4. Apple will discount your iPhone payment plan if you trade in an old phone

On Thursday, Apple launched a new program at Apple Stores called “Trade Up With Installments,” USA Today reports. This initiative lets shoppers who are purchasing new phones trade in their old phones for discounts on their monthly fees.

5. Adidas is working to fix a huge mistake it’s been making for decades

In order to keep up with competitors, Adidas has taken several steps to improve its offerings to women, which have traditionally been limited.

6. Nordstrom just forecast another big win for the American consumer

In its fourth-quarter earnings report on Thursday, the department store noted that inventory levels grew. That means more promotions — which is great news for sale-hungry consumers. However, that’s not good news for the retailer.

7. You’ll be able to shop on Snapchat soon

Snapchat board member and Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles claims that the Discover feature will soon expand into e-commerce, allowing users to buy products from selected brands, reports Re/code.

8. Hershey’s Kisses just released a bizarre new flavour and people don’t know how to feel

Hershey will release Carrot Cake Kisses this spring, but people have been having mixed reactions to the news of the launch.

9. Domino’s says its Snapchat test led to a ‘surprising’ surge in pizza orders

Domino’s Snapchat followers had to piece together the letters of a voucher code which not only led to orders, but also gave the brand’s marketers a way to figure out how many people had actually watched it all the way to the end.

10. Frito Lay’s Ruffles brings a favourite Canadian flavour to the US

Canada’s most popular Ruffles flavour, “All Dressed”, is coming back to America. The move is a way for Ruffles to interact with consumers, according to a release.