Zagat Mobile Head Leaves To Focus On "Yelp For The Grocery Store" Startup

Ryan CharlesRyan Charles

Zagat mobile head Ryan Charles, whose work was one of the key topics of the big New York Times profile of Zagat’s digital efforts last November, has left the company to focus full-time on his startup.It’s called Consmr, and it’s a social reviews site for grocery and drugstore products. Think “Yelp for the grocery store.”

You can rate and “check in” to more than 45,000 consumer goods and broadcast your reviews to Facebook and Twitter.

It’s simple, and could be a useful product — sort of a democratized Consumer Reports — with plenty of opportunities for advertising and promotions, and cool applications of technology. (It’s not like any of the grocery chains are doing anything cool with consumer tech yet.)

The company has already partnered with a “major beverage brand,” which it will promote after it has left beta.

Ryan and co-founder Noah Zitsman — a 24/7 Real Media vet — are self-funded so far, and just moved into the fancy new WeWork Labs office in Manhattan.

At Zagat, Charles designed iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 7 apps, and led the company’s partnerships with Foodspotting and Foursquare.

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