Conservatives Are Already Furious Over The John Boehner Fiscal Cliff ‘Cave’

This weekend we saw our first tentative signs of a “breakthrough” in the Fiscal Cliff negotiations.

The two things that were reported were: Boehner is willing to let taxes go up on those making over $1 million per year. And he’s willing to let the debt ceiling rise, and get revisited next year. Those both seem like minor things, especially considering that Boehner wants to trade them for deep benefit cuts, etc.

But the move is already being greeted with derision by conservatives.

Michael Needham, head of Heritage Action (the direct political advocacy arm of Heritage) sent out a series of mocking tweets:


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Over at, Boehner’s offer is being characterised as a “cave.”

The good news is that the real negotiations have begun. The bad news is that Boehner’s conservative wing is turning up the heat early.