Conservative Think Tanks Are Begging The Teaparty To Ignore Massive Military Spending

German Tank

Here’s some interesting commentary from The Economist about the changing politics of military spending.

ARE they worried? When the presidents of DC’s two most powerful conservative think tanks team up with America’s most prominent cheerleader for war to jointly author a Wall Street Journal op-ed defending the United States’ unfathomably colossal military budget, one suspects a bit of anxiety.

The folks of the tea-party movement are clearly upset at what they see as out-of-control spending, and frequently express a desire to slash the size of government. A quick glance at the federal budget is enough to see that military spending is far and away the largest expense after Medicare and Social Security. That fact combined with the observation that America’s titanic military budget is larger than the military budgets of China, Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Japan, Saudia Arabia, Italy, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, and Australia combined is more than enough to suggest to common sense that there’s room here to cut a bit of fat.

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