armoured SUV Manufacturer Conquest Just Introduced A Luxury Model For Civilians

conquest evade luxury suvThe Conquest Evade.

Photo: Conquest Vehicles

In most cases, safe driving takes the fun out of things. That’s not the case with Conquest Vehicles’ Knight XV, the fully armoured luxury SUV that has been letting the rich and famous hit the road in high style and complete safety since 2008.Now Toronto-based Conquest is expanding its market, bringing the Knight XV to China and India, and introducing a new, non-armoured luxury SUV.

Like the Knight XV, the newly introduced Evade is built on a Ford F550 Super Duty Chassis.

With night vision camera systems and roof-mounted, joystick-controlled searchlights, this is not a vehicle for ordinary luxury driving.

That’s not to say the high-end features are missing. The cabin provides 400 cubic feet of space, furnished with quality leathers and touch-screen technology. A commercial grade front and rear suspension keeps the ride smooth.

For civilians who want to dominate the road but don’t need armoured plating for protection, the Evade may be the way to go. It will be offered this fall, for $579,000.

It features armoured plating and bulletproof glass.

With a $629,000 price tag, the armoured Knight XV is reserved for the wealthy.

It has a V10, 6.8-liter engine, powered by biofuel.

It was inspired by military vehicle designs.

The Run-Flat tires can keep the Knight XV running even if they are damaged.

The handles are made from a solid block of aluminium.

The door hinges are reinforced for extra safety.

The interiors can be relatively simple.

Or very luxurious, even for the driver.

And especially for the passengers.

Conquest isn't the only one in the armoured car market.

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