Conor McGregor faced off with Richard Branson in Ireland, stating: 'He is no Sir on this soil'

Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesConor McGregor.
  • UFC fighter Conor McGregor and Virgin CEO Richard Branson had a play fight in front of a live audience on Wednesday.
  • McGregor posted an image from the night on his Instagram account and told his followers that Branson is “no knighted Sir” in Ireland.

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has given Virgin CEO Richard Branson a taste of what life is like one day before a big cage fight.

McGregor and Branson got up on stage, stripped off their shirts, and gave each other ice cold death stares as they faced off for the cameras at an event in Ireland on Wednesday.

As famous for his immortal insults as he is for his concussive punching power, McGregor even talked Branson down in the caption of the Instagram post below, writing: “He is not a knighted Sir on this soil.”

McGregor and Branson came face-to-face because of an event at the Pendulum Summit in Dublin’s Convention Centre.

McGregor was on stage to collect a lifetime achievement award due to his championship runs in cage fighting firms Cage Warriors and UFC.

Branson, presenting the award, couldn’t resist the opportunity to mess around with McGregor.

You can watch the unlikely pair play fight in the clip below.

Branson also uploaded a photo from the evening onto his Instagram account, along with the caption: “I was up for the craic when I was surprised on stage by a visit from [Conor McGregor].”

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