Sylvester Stallone said he’d give Conor Mcgregor some of his UFC shares because he 'absolutely' deserves them

  • Conor McGregor “absolutely” deserves to own a stake in the UFC, the actor and minority UFC owner Sylvester Stallone says.
  • McGregor’s status as an active UFC athlete is ambiguous after a shock resignation from mixed martial arts in March, followed by a hint at a comeback from the UFC boss Dana White, and then McGregor himself.
  • Stallone has even said that he would be willing to give McGregor some of his own UFC shares.
  • It remains to be seen whether this offer is enough to lure the Irishman back into the cage.
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Conor McGregor “absolutely” deserves an ownership stake in the UFC according to Sylvester Stallone, and the 72-year-old is even willing to give him some of his own shares.

McGregor’s status as a fighter with the UFC is ambiguous. He announced a shock retirement from mixed martial arts in March, just five months after his conclusive submission loss to lightweight rival Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.

Within weeks, it became apparent that a return to the company was possible as the UFC boss Dana White hinted that the fighter’s retirement wouldn’t be for good. McGregor himself said he was “in talks” about a return to the fight game.

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McGregor has had one demand for a number of years – an equity stake in UFC, something he pushed for in 2016, 2017, and this year.

Although White refuses to bow to McGregor’s demand, he is confident he can make him an offer he would not refuse.

McGregor even challenged the “actress” Mark Wahlberg to a fight last month because he wanted his stake in UFC. More recently, Conan O’Brien, who is also a minority owner,jokingly offered McGregor his shares, and the 30-year-old offered to fight him on the same night he’d brawl with Wahlberg.

Stallone seemingly has a solution that will see nobody end up hurt.

Stallone creedMGMStallone is renowned for his role as Rocky Balboa in the ‘Rocky’ and ‘Creed’ movie franchises.

TMZ spoke to Stallone opposite the Madeo restaurant in Beverly Hills, California last week. The actor, renowned for his role as “Rocky Balboa” in the popular “Rocky” and “Creed” film franchises, was asked whether McGregor deserved to own a fraction of the UFC.

Stallone’s answer was “absolutely,” before saying he would “of course” give the Irishman some of his own shares.

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TMZ told Stallone that McGregor would be happy to hear this news before the actor ended the interview by getting into the driver’s seat of his car, said “keep punching” out the open window, and then fist-bumped the TMZ camera.

It remains to be seen whether Stallone’s offer is enough to tempt McGregor back to the sport.

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