2 Connecticut politicians started feuding in the comments section of a local blog, then challenged each other to a public drug test in a urinalysis showdown

  • Two Connecticut politicians fighting in the comments section of a local blog challenged each other to a public drug test at an urgent care clinic.
  • The two took urine tests after several days of insulting each other’s intelligence and accusing each other of being on drugs.
  • Both eventually tested negative, according to images of the test results posted on the blog, but the feud doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon.
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Two Connecticut officials launched a spat in the comments section of a local blog, accusing each other of having drug habits and psychiatric illnesses until they eventually proposed a public drug test.

Maria Pereira, a member of Bridgeport’s Board of Education, and Councilor Ernie Newton began flinging online insults on April 13 over a blog post about pay hikes for city officials.

After questioning Pereira on the accuracy of her budget figures, Newton said, “Please remember to take your med”s [sic].”

“Ernie, I promise I will continue to take any and all prescribed medicine. In turn, please ensure you take anything you need that may have to be swallowed, snorted, inhaled, or injected,” Pereira responded.

It appeared to be a jab at Newton’s history with drug addiction. Newton, a former state senator who has served time in federal prison for corruption, has said publicly he is a recovering cocaine addict. He told the Connecticut Post he’ll be 24 years sober in June.

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The argument quickly escalated from there, with both officials insulting each other’s intelligence and mental health.

“Stop taking drugs,” Pereira said. “It is killing the few remaining brain cells you have left.”

“If i’m taking Drugs at less I wasn’t placed in psychiatric ward for ODing on my MEDS,” Newton responded.

Eventually, Pereira offered to pay for both officials to take a drug test – so long as the results were posted publicly on Only in Bridgeport.

“Name the TIME and PLACE we Both can take a DRUG T$EST or is that your MEDS talking! Bring it on MARIA I”M WAIT,” Newton said.

Both appeared to test negative for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, opiates, oxycodone, PCP, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and methadone.

Despite the fact that both passed their drug tests, it doesn’t look like the feud will be ending anytime soon.

“You were supposed to sign a release to have the results emailed directly to Lennie Grimaldi. What do you think you are doing? You weren’t supposed to see the results at all. You could be sending a picture of anything???” Pereira wrote in response to Newton’s results. “You are just unbelievable.”

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