Swedish designers made a high-tech, indestructable table that cooks dinner and chills drinks

Image: Kram/Weisshaar

Finally, you can play Angry Birds all through dinner without worrying about your phone dying or the champagne warming to room temperature.

Gone is the need for a cooktop, an ice bucket and polite evening conversation. The SmartSlab Table has that covered.

Swedish company Kram/Weisshaar invented a digital table which features heating elements and is topped with a ceramic tile called SapienStone which, according to the design firm, is “a virtually indestructible ceramic material impervious to fire, frost, thermal shock, scratches and microbes”.

The table has built in features like heating elements at each place setting. Cooling elements are distributed along the ultra-thin table and induction rings can be used for cooking on the surface.

It also features charging ports and Wifi bases.

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