This $20 accessory lets you connect a wireless controller to the original Nintendo

Retro Receiver

Shortly after unveiling a 24-kt gold Nintendo that costs $5,000, retro game hardware manufacturer AnalogueNT is back with a more price-conscious offering.

Dubbed the Retro Receiver, the $20 accessory acts as a Bluetooth receiver, letting you connect wireless controllers to the original Nintendo or AnalogueNT without any internal modification.

This product is a collaboration between AnalogueNT and retro-inspired controller manufacturer 8bitDo, so unsurprisingly all of 8BitDo’s Bluetooth controllers are compatible with the Retro Receiver. But support isn’t limited to just 8BitDo’s controllers, all PS3, PS4, Wiimote, and Wii U Pro controllers are also supported.

The Retro Receiver is available now, so if you’ve ever wanted to play 8-bit games on their original hardware without the hassle of wires, here’s your chance.

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