The Congressional Black Caucus wasn't having it when Trump made a point of citing the black unemployment rate

Fox News
  • President Donald Trump made a point to highlight the black unemployment rate during his State of the Union address.
  • The Congressional Black Caucus greeted his comment with silence.

During his first State of the Union address, President Donald Trump made a point of highlighting recent news that the black unemployment rate had fallen to its lowest level in history.

The Congressional Black Caucus, however, greeted his comment with a nearly silent response.

“Why are the black congressmen Refusing to applaud the ‘lowest unemployment rate for AAmericans?’ #sotus,” tweeted conservative personality Glenn Beck.

Some were quick to note that, while the black unemployment rate fell to 6.8% – still above the national unemployment rate – under Trump, the drop was a continuation of a change that began under President Barack Obama.

“Any way you square it, the drop in Black unemployment was a trend that started under President Obama,” Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris tweeted. “President Trump is just along for the ride. However, we can do better – the Black unemployment rate is still approximately double that of white unemployment. #SOTU.”

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