Congress Has A Speed Reader Awaiting The 946 Page Energy Bill


Republican opponets of the energy bill, that has the cap and trade legislation have little recourse to stop the bill from sailing through the House to the Senate, as the Democrats own the House. Their best hope is to slow it down.

One way to slow the bill, is to have it read aloud, which is legally permitted procedure. The bill is a thundering 946 pages, plus many hundred more for amendments. Reading it aloud would take a while. Unless there was a speed reader handy.

And wouldn’t you know it, there is a clerk on hand who can read a page every 34 seconds if need be, meaning he could read the bill aloud in just 9 hours, the Wall Street Journal reports. That’s Congress for you.

There’s more than one way to slow down a bill, though, and for now it appears as though traditional negotiating will have to do. It took 2 hours to debate 1 amendement to the bill. There’s going to be at least 85 more. And that’s how the make the legisausage that governs our great land.

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