Congress Desperate To Save Oil-Price Scapegoat, Investigates CFTC

Once the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) issued a report saying speculators were not driving up oil prices, one would have thought Congress might have stopped blaming this popular scapegoat.


If speculators aren’t responsible for $120 oil, then the legislators who failed to develop a sustainable energy plan in the 25 years since the last oil crisis are responsible for $120 oil. And it’s no surprise why Congress isn’t blaming them.

So, at Congress’s request, the U.S. Inspector General has officially begun an investigation into the very government report that claimed supply-and-demand fundamentals were they key behind the oil spike. A group of four senators requested the probe, alleging the CFTC knowingly included “seriously flawed” data and that the timing was “suspicious.”

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