Confirmed: Losing Money With Madoff Is A Status Symbol

Several people took umbrage with our suggestion last month that getting ripped off my Bernie Madoff had become something of a status symbol in certain circles. After all, it was an exclusive club and you usually had to have both money and connections to get in. Still, some found it stupid and insulting.

However, in today’s Sunday NYT Magazine, Deborah Solomon does her weekly interview with comedian Joan Rivers, which includes the following:

That was more than 20 years ago. What is the dating scene like these days?
I just had lunch with an old beau, and it made me very sad.

I don’t know. We’re all so set in our ways. I love my life, except for losing all that money with Ruth and Bernie. I’m pleading with you, please say, “She lost a bundle with Bernie Madoff.”

Did you?
No, but everybody is walking around now saying that, and that shows that you used to be very rich.

See? Also interesting that she said “Ruth and Bernie,” no?

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