Confirmed: Hulu Coming To Roku Streaming Boxes

hulu dushku tbi

Last week I got sent a photo of a Hulu channel on the Roku home screen and have confirmed that Hulu will be coming to Roku devices shortly. While both Roku and Hulu said “no comment” when I asked them about it, I was able to confirm with two of Hulu’s content partners that Roku owners will soon be able to get Hulu content. While I don’t know for sure whether the Hulu content will be free, my initial thought is that it will probably only be Hulu’s paid service, Hulu Plus.

Since Hulu Plus was launched, Hulu has been hard at work to get on more devices in the market and Roku’s box is a good match. It also makes Roku’s newly announced boxes last week even more valuable, but Hulu Plus still need to really launch in the market and come out of invite only mode before anyone can get really excited. It will also be interesting to see how much value consumers put on Hulu Plus now that NBC has licensed a lot of the same content in Hulu Plus to Netflix.

Want one of the Roku’s brand new boxes for free? I’m giving one away right here.

Dan Rayburn is executive vice president at and principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan. This post originally appeared at his blog and was republished with permission.

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