Confidence in the government's Brexit negotiating skills is very low ahead of Article 50

LONDON — British workers’ confidence in the government’s negotiating skills remains very low ahead of Article 50’s scheduled trigger on Wednesday afternoon, according to a survey of over 2,000 people from salary ranking website Glassdoor.

Britain’s two-year exit process from the European Union will begin at lunchtime when a UK representative to the European Union hands a letter signed by Prime Minister Theresa May to European Council President Donald Tusk, formally announcing the country’s intention to leave the union.

Just 29% of UK employees believe the government will be able to negotiate a good trade deal once Article 50 is triggered.

That figure is lower in several regions. 26% of respondents in the Midlands, and 25% in the north-east of England, believe that the government can negotiate a good deal for the country. The south-west demonstrated the highest level of confidence, which was still relatively low at 38%.

Furthermore, 24% believe that Brexit will have a negative impact on their individual jobs, compared to 54% who believe it will have no impact.

May is expected to tell MPs this afternoon: “When I sit around the negotiating table in the months ahead, I will represent every person in the whole United Kingdom — young and old, rich and poor, city, town, country and all the villages and hamlets in between.”

David Whitby, Glassdoor UK country manager, said: “Already, over one in four Londoners would consider leaving the UK to work elsewhere in Europe and confidence in the UK Government to negotiate a good deal remains low. It will be interesting to see how these figures change once we enter formal negotiations in the coming weeks.”

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This story was originally published by Glassdoor.

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