Confidence in small business Internet marketing

Entrepreneurs and small businesses often struggle to work out the best way to begin an effective Internet marketing campaign for their business. The answer isn’t immediately straightforward because as any good online marketer will tell you, the marketing you do depends on what you want to achieve.

In addition, many people shy away from aggressive marketing because it requires, to some extent, that you put yourself out there. Opening yourself up for criticism or disparaging comments is an especial concern for people who are not used to creating content online. Accordingly, many small businesses stick to less effective techniques because they are perceived to be “less likely to attract personal criticism“.

While it can be hard to take the plunge and start getting your name out there, it is really important you do so as quickly as possible. The sooner you start writing content regularly, the sooner you will get better at it, and the sooner you will build up a good base of SEO enhanced, useful and relevant content that will generate organic search traffic and boost your PageRank.

Small business owners often shy away from writing content because they aren’t confident in their writing skills, feel they don’t know enough about SEO, link bait, social marketing and so on. Again, by not taking the plunge and creating high-quality content, you are never going to learn how to create great content and drive traffic.

If you have shied away from creating content and spreading it around the major websites because, for one reason or another, you are uncomfortable with the whole idea of opening up your skills, writing and knowledge for the world to see, then here is something that should help to allay any fears you have:

  1. Most people are delighted to read useful, non self-promotional content
  2. You don’t have to get everything right the first time
  3. There will always be people ready and willing to criticise what you do. So what?
  4. Gaining knowledge, skills and expertise in Internet marketing will lead to success only if you try it

I guess you can summarize the relationship between small business and Internet marketing by saying the following:

There’s no guarantee you will succeed with Internet marketing. Only a guarantee that you will likely fail without it.Before you do resolve to start creating great content, it’s important that you concentrate on making it:

  • clear
  • concise
  • relevant
  • engaging

Make sure the material is at least intelligible and will be useful, funny or generally conversation worthy to at least one interest group out there. Don’t write overtly marketing oriented copy. Make your content genuinely informative. The less marketing and sales oriented it is, the better (in the long run).

By spending time gaining knowledge and experience of your target audience, you will find that writing great content becomes easier and easier. People will begin following you on twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. They’ll retweet your content and ultimately start contacting you because they are familiar with your knowledge and expertise.

This is when you start generating proper revenue and succeeding online.

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