You can now send ‘screenshot-proof’ documents and photos with Confide, the ‘Snapchat for business’

Confide wants to be the off-the-record messaging app for the business world. On Wednesday it added two key features to its arsenal: screenshot-proof documents and photos.

Now, you can technically still take a screenshot of a document or photo within Confide, but not in the traditional sense. There’s now a new “wanding” feature that allows users to peek at a document or photo through a tiny window, which reveals only a sliver of the full message.

It’s basically the same technique that Confide uses to block screenshots of text messages, forcing users to move a finger across the words of message to reveal what they say beneath the blocks obscuring them. Below you can see how only a portion of the bar chart is visible once you “wand” over the document, so even if you take a screenshot, there’s no way to capture the entire chart.

Confide messaging app photo

Of course, if you take a screenshot, the message disintegrates and the sender is notified, so you won’t be able to repeat the process.

But Confide’s new update is truly about turning Confide into a viable way for professionals to speak off the record, which often extends beyond more than just words. Most people are still going to discuss an internal sensitive document over email, so adding screenshot-proof document sharing is Confide’s way to convince professionals to transfer those conversations to Confide instead.

It also integrates with the other services you use. You can attach documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and One Drive, and the same is true for Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, PDFs, and PowerPoints. Once you send it, Confide strips the ability to save, download, or forward the document, so you really only have to worry about people taking a screenshot of a small portion of the document, which you’d be notified of anyways.

Here’s what opening and viewing a confidential document in Confide looks like.

Confide has also added some new share features to make it easier to transfer conversations from email to Confide. If you get an email that you want to discuss over Confide, there’s now Share screen integration so you can choose to forward along an email through Confide by just tapping the icon.

Confide’s newest update is arguably its biggest. The introduction of document messaging has transformed Confide from a text-only app for confidential commentary into a place where there’s now something to discuss, and that should be great news for professionals looking to avoid damaging leaks.

The new version of Confide is live for both iPhone and Android users, and you can download it over at the App Store and Google Play.