Chris Matthews Made Andrea Mitchell Ask Condoleezza Rice About 'Birtherism' In A Really Awkward Interview

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell had spent about three minutes interviewing former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Wednesday night after her excellent speech at the Republican National Convention

That’s when host Chris Matthews — who has had a couple of moments during the convention — interjected, wanting Mitchell to ask Rice about a different topic. 

Andrea, Andrea, can I ask a question?” Matthews said. “It’s Chris Matthews. Could you ask the Secretary — her speech was so overwhelmingly positive — but was it kind of a rejoinder to all the birtherism and the narrowness she’s heard in their party?”

As Matthews was speaking, Rice looked at someone off camera as if to say she didn’t know what was going on. 

Mitchell obliged and asked the question, but Rice seemed taken aback. Matthews went on a tear Monday at Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus for “playing the ethnic card” with President Obama after Mitt Romney made a birth certificate joke last week.

“Well, I think on both sides of the aisle, quite frankly, we’re hearing some voices for America to pull back,” Rice said. “It would be a shame if America pulls back, because we’ve done so much good in the world. … That was the theme of the speech, and I had a great audience. It was well received.”

Mitchell asked later, again, for clarification.

“The birther movement is an extreme,” Rice said. “There are extremes on both sides of the political spectrum. The great majority here believe that we are one America.”

Watch the full clip below:

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