CondeNet New Video Ad Strategy — Museums, Movie Theatres


Conde Nast’s Web unit will begin making making 10-minute pre-movie video trailers stocked with content from its,, and sites; Ray-Ban has signed on as a launch advertiser. They’ll do it in concert with Emerging Cinemas, which runs small screening rooms in venues like museums, art-houses, etc. The intial launch will be in 10 cities.

There is a neat bit of retro logic to this: Web sites can’t figure out how to marry ads with video content, because consumers have no patience for them and flit away to something else as soon as pre-roll ads come on. But in a theatre, you’ve got no choice to watch whatever’s on the big screen. Whether that ever amounts to much revenue for Conde is another matter. It’s certain not to drive any traffic to the sites, since off-line advertising almost never does. Release after the jump.


NEW YORK, August 20, 2007 – CondéNet, an Internet unit of Condé Nast Publications, has entered into an agreement with Emerging Pictures to provide content produced for its roster of web sites as pre-show video for Emerging Cinemas, a high definition network of digital screens in leading independent film and cultural centres.

Beginning this month, CondéNet will be creating 10 minute pre-shows, taken from video content produced especially for,, and  The pre-show video will run before the start of each feature film screened in the Emerging Pictures cinema network.  Venues which will have this pre-show can be visited in 10 cities including New York; Chicago; Ft. Lauderdale; Newport; Palm Beach; Key West; Oklahoma City, and others.  The Emerging Pictures network of venues includes museums, cultural and performing arts institutions and existing art-house theatres.

“This partnership allows CondéNet to further develop a multi-platform for our content,” said Richard Glosser, Executive Director of Emerging Media, CondéNet.  “Emerging Pictures and their cinema network provides a great ‘big screen’ consumer experience for our fashion, cooking and travel videos and allows us to offer our advertisers a new distribution channel to reach their target audience.”

The Emerging Cinema technology allows them to digitally deliver the films in HD quality to the theatres using industry standard MPEG4 formats.  CondéNet is selling advertising as part of the 10 minute pre-show package.  Ray-Ban has signed on as a launch advertiser for this program.

“We are excited to have the high-quality and stylistic content from CondéNet, which is a perfect match for our theatre audiences,” said Giovanni Cozzi, President of Emerging Pictures.  “We look forward to working with CondéNet and the venues to expand the network.”

About Emerging Pictures
Emerging Pictures is a filmed entertainment company for the digital age. Representing the fusion of independent film methodology and the latest digital technology, Emerging Pictures will be a major supplier of original content to traditional media outlets and a pioneer in aggregating content for future delivery systems, including its own network of digital theatres that are being created inside of existing arts institutions–Emerging Cinemas.
The use of digital technologies creates cost efficiencies in distribution and exhibition that will enable Emerging Cinema outlets to present specialised content such as international film festival presentations, first run independent/international films, high definition productions of concerts, operas, live theatre, documentaries, as well as children’s programming and other educational programs.

About CondéNet

CondéNet is the leading creator and developer of upscale lifestyle brands online, providing enjoyable, useful services that build upon the heritage of the world’s most prestigious magazines. The company publishes online properties in the categories of fashion (STYLE.COM), men’s lifestyle (MEN.STYLE.COM), food (, travel (, and teen (Flip).  CondéNet is an Internet unit of Condé Nast Publications.