Conde Nast To Pay $12,000 For Kate Moss Mistake

Think how much money Conde Nast could’ve saved if some assistant had just made an earlier phone call.

Kate Moss reportedly flew all the way from London to New York for a photo shoot for W. magazine only to discover when she arrived that the shoot had been canceled. So she stopped to smoke a cigarette and then turned around and headed back to the U.K.

The cost of that unnecessary travel, according to the oh-so-reliable Daily Mirror: 8,000 pounds or $12,000, which Condé will have to pay.

Daily Mirror: KATE Moss was left fuming after she flew 3,500 miles to America for a fashion shoot – only to find it had been cancelled.

The supermodel cleared US immigration at New York’s JFK airport on Monday, then turned on her phone to discover the trip had been entirely in vain.

Pausing only to head outside for a cigarette, fed-up Kate then headed straight back to London, arriving at Heathrow on Tuesday morning, 24 hours after she’d left.

The round trip involved 15 hours flying, covering five time zones in each direction.

A source at the airport said: “She wasn’t very happy at all. She was pretty annoyed that she’d flown all that way for no reason at all.

“There’d been a total mix-up and the shoot had been cancelled before she’d left London – but no one had told her, she said.

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