13 Ridiculous Products From Condé Nast's Online Store

Conde Nast

The world’s most revered magazine publisher sells friendship bracelets.

Yes, as advertising collapses, Condé is being forced to look for other sources of revenue.  Like ecommerce!

The Condé Nast online store is filled with classic prints, photos and artwork from its vast magazine archive.

But also: Men’s Vogue lapel pins. New Yorker snow globes. Golf Digest peg boards. And those Glamour friendship bracelets!

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The store underwent a major redesign on September 28, 2009, just a week before Condé Nast shuttered four of its magazines at the conclusion of a three-month grilling by McKinsey & Company. (The company also laid off hundreds of employees last year and had previously folded two of its other magazines.)

So is online merchandising making up for any of that lost ad revenue?

A Condé Nast spokeswoman declined to comment on what sort of money the store generates. She did, however, point out that’s it’s been around for a number of years now.

Condé Nast Store Blog‘s first entry was posted on September 12, 2009. Here’s a bit from the post announcing the redesign:

Some things haven’t changed – you’ll find the same flawless sense of style in our collection of artwork and gifts that Condé Nast has always prized in its publications. But you’ll now enjoy a smoother shopping experience, new products (like our customised note card sets), a wider selection of framing options on our wall prints, and even lower prices. Yes, really!

Take a look around our new site for fine art prints and gifts from Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, House & Garden, and other Condé Nast titles. We can help you create a new look for your home.

Go make your home a Condé condo!

See our favourite products in the Condé Nast store >

Golf Digest Simulator and Analyzer: $1199.99

This incredible, $2,000 advanced simulator with fully dynamic analysis uses 65 optical sensors to create a visual representation of a golfer's swing data.

Get it here.

America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses Peg Board: $229.95.

For the travelling golfer, there's Golf Digest's giant peg board listing the 100 greatest golf courses in America. Just mark off all the ones you've played on.

Get it here.

Wired Venn Diagram Tee: $20

Your Geek uniform is complete with this vintage-esque Wired venn diagram t-shirt, plus a Wired track jacket. and striped Wired scarf.

Get it here.

Men's Vogue Lapel Pin: $10

In October of 2008, Conde Nast folded Men's Vogue into Vogue, scaling it back to a twice-yearly publication. But that doesn't mean sartorially-inclined gentlemen should be any less proud to sport this patriotic lapel pin by graphic designer Michael Bierut.

Get it here.

For sophisticated New Yorker readers, here's a tie featuring the magazine's iconic mascot. It's 'a must-have accessory for the dapper dresser with a taste for the funny.'

Get it here.

Bon Appetit LCD Photo Frame: $159.99

When Condé Nast folded Gourmet last October, foodies were both shocked and devastated that the company hadn't instead decided to shutter the less prestigious Bon Appetit. So consider these Bon Appetit LCD Photo Frames, pre-loaded with with a collection of popular recipes, a step into the future.

Get it here.

Gourmet Wine Log: $34.00

For those who are still pining for Gourmet, at least you can still write down your favourite reds in their wine log. 'Guaranteed to be a hit among all your oenophile friends!'

Get it here.

Wired Coffee & Mug Gift Set: $28.00

For sober folks, there's Wired-branded coffee. 'If you find Wired inspiring and invigorating -- wait until you try our coffee. Service for two.'

Get it here.

New Yorker Snow Globe: $39.95.

This one could come in handy for the holidays: A snow globe recreation of John Jonik's popular 1977 New Yorker cartoon of a man inside a snow globe.

Get it here.

Glamour Notebook, Tote and Coffee Mug: $15, $20, $10.

Keep an 'I Make Scribbling Look Glamorous' notebook inside an 'I Make Errands Look Glamorous' tote bag or write in it while drinking coffee from your 'I Make Mornings Look Glamorous' coffee mug.

Buy them here.

Glamour Friendship Bracelet: $12.

You saw MTV reality star Lauren Conrad wearing it on the cover of Glamour's May 2010 issue. Now you can buy one for yourself and one for your 'bestie.'

Get it here.

Dancing Lights for Party Tables: $149

Here's one from the Condé history books: In the February 1965 issue of House & Garden, there was an article called 'Glass: Dancing Lights for Party Tables,' which suggested readers try creating a still-life arrangement in glass as a centrepiece. And that's exactly what you see here.

Get it here.

New Yorkistan Shower Curtain: $45.95

The New Yorker's New Yorkistan shower curtain recreates the magazine's classic December 10, 2001 cover. Now all your house guests will know how literary you are.

Get it here.

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