iPad Magazine Apps “Aren’t Doing All That Well,” So Conde Is Slowing Release Of New Titles

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Conde Nast has decided to slow down the release of new titles for the iPad, Nat Ives at Ad Age reports.

It will continue to release magazines that it has for the iPad, but it won’t be rushing to get out new titles.

“They’re not all doing all that well, so why rush to get them all on there?” said one Conde publisher to Ives.

This isn’t the first magazine honcho to grumble about iPad apps.

David Kaplan at paidContent heard from a disgruntled magazine exec earlier this week who said,”We shouldn’t be doing magazine apps. It’s a different format entirely from a print publication. We should be spending the resources to come up with special extensions of the brand … Consider the fact that iTunes doesn’t even have a dedicated ‘magazine section,’ so we’re effectively competing with Angry Birds and Flipboard at the same time.”

Another problem with iPad magazines is that ad buyers aren’t super thrilled, according to Ives. He spoke with a media buyer who said iPad magazine apps still aren’t popular enough, and still don’t deliver the right kind of metrics to gauge if the ads are working.