Condé Nast Might Move Downtown, Media People Go Bonkers

Anna WintourAnna Wintour might be packing up for the Financial District.

Big news is rocking the magazine world today.Condé Nast might be moving downtown! To the Freedom Tower!

The New York Times’ Charles Bagli reports that the publishing empire, which puts out The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue and a slew of other cherished titles, is considering a relocation from its 4 Times Square offices to 1 World Trade centre in the Financial District.

Bagli’s sources tell him that Conde Nast “would take up as much as one million square feet in what is planned to be the country’s tallest office tower, a symbolic 1,776 feet at its top,” and also that it has some competition: Morgan Stanley and two other financial firms.

So far, the only tenants are government offices and a Chinese real estate company. Condé Nast, which established Times Square as a hip and resurgent area when it moved into 4 Times Square in 1999, would be a whole different matter, bringing its particular cachet downtown…

…if Condé Nast or a major financial company moved to 1 World Trade, it would be another step forward for a building once derided as an ill-advised boondoggle.

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Meanwhile, media watchers are going bonkers over the news on Twitter.

And by “media watchers” we primarily mean John Koblin of The New York Observer, who probably covers Conde Nast more obsessively than anyone else on the beat.

From a series of Tweets:

In 2007, Si Newhouse wanted 1.5 mill square feet for Conde. Now? He needs 1 million square feet (fewer magazines than 3 years ago!)

why should conde move downtown? ‘Where else can you go to Tiffany and Century 21 on your lunch hour?’ says downtown booster

colleague just said “4 Times Square IS Conde Nast.” Well, maybe one day we’ll all say, “The Freedom Tower IS Conde Nast”

if Conde moves to Freedom Tower, can they get naming rights? “Freedom Tower” becomes “Wintour Palace” perhaps?

Koblin’s also taking suggestions on for “How to Rename the Freedom Tower for Conde Nast.”

Our three favourites so far? Graydon Gardens, Si Town and Vanity Lair.

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