The prices for food and beer at the Super Bowl are jaw-dropping

Earlier this week we got a look at the food fans will be able to eat at the Super Bowl. Now we know how much some of the items at the concession stands cost and the prices are jaw-dropping.

Several people at the game have posted photos of the concession prices.

First up are some of the drinks, including $25 for a glass of wine, $13 for a standard beer bottle, and $7 for a bottle of water.

Next up are some food items and more drinks, including a $20 crab sandwhich, $7 for a soda bottle.

Here is what that $20 crab sandwhich looks like.

If you want a premium beer, it will cost you $15. Generic wine will cost $15 also.

A cheeseburger will set a fan back $15 while fries are an extra $8.

Stadiyums posted photos of more concession stand prices including:

  • Grilled chicken sandwhich, $18
  • Chicken tenders, $13
  • Hot dog, $8
  • Jumbo hot dog, $11
  • Lobster mac & cheese, $20
  • Pot roast sandwhich, $18
  • “Souvenir” popcorn, $15
  • Coffee, $5
  • Hot Chocolate, $5
  • Cheese pizza, $10
  • Candy, $5
  • Peanuts, $7

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