You Have To Check Out This Beautiful Concept Design Of The New MacBook Pro

macbook pro concept

Photo: Guilherme Schasiepen

The rumours are swirling over Apple’s anticipated refresh of the MacBook Pro.We’ve heard that we can expect several upgrades ranging from a slimmer design to a Retina display.

Designer Guilherme Schasiepen posted these concept designs to his Flickr account and we’re running them here with his permission.

While totally speculative, Schasiepen presents a realistic take on what Apple could be unveiling as the next MacBook Pro.

Here's a glance at Schasiepen's design

The rumours all suggest a high resolution Retina display

A look at the 15-inch concept

We can also anticipate a slender profile

It would be much more portable than the current MacBook Pro

The concept still maintains some familiar aspects of Apple's laptop

The new computer is rumoured to include USB 3.0

We can't get enough of that slender design

We've heard rumours about glass keys

And it will supposedly be available in black or white

Want to unlock your iPhone's full potential?

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