Conan's Lawyers Say The Contract Had What They Needed

conanobrien tbi

“I had a powerful weapon had we needed to go to war.”

That’s what Patricia Glaser, who represented Conan O’Brien in his exit negotiations with NBC, told Above the Law.

Conan’s underlying contract was heavily criticised (including by us) for lacking a specified time, though we also noted that the argument that The Tonight Show can only be at 11:35 pm EST would likely be a winner.

Glaser did not provide detail on the final agreement — reportedly $44 million to O’Brien and staff — but she did make clear in another interview that the options were either a settlement or full-out litigation. “I represented Conan regarding potential litigation with NBC. I am not his transactional lawyer, and he’s not particularly litigious,” she said.

One would of course expect a litigator to tout her client’s position, but the outcome certainly indicates O’Brien & Co. were in a good position, both as to what the contract said and in the sympathies of the public, the latter fact especially important in a dispute as public as this one.

Glaser is a partner at Glaser, Weil. NBC was represented by attorneys at Gibson Dunn. Glaser, of course, did not draft the contract  — that was handled by Leigh Brecheen of Bloom Hergott. Brecheen joined the call to ATL with Glaser.

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