'Conan' yanked a video of 50 Cent talking about his bankruptcy

50 Cent ConanTeam Coco50 Cent appearing on the July 15 episode of ‘Conan.’

A video clip of rapper/actor Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson talking about his recent bankruptcy filing on TBS’ “Conan” has been taken down from the show’s website, a spokesperson from the show confirmed to Business Insider.

On the July 15 episode, Jackson went on “Conan” to promote his new film, “Southpaw.” He also addressed filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection days after he was ordered to pay a $US5 million lawsuit to Lastonia Leviston as a result to a sex tape he posted in 2009.

Jackson told host Conan O’Brien, “Yeah, I need protection. You get a bull’s-eye painted on your back when you’re successful, and it’s public. You become the ideal person for lawsuits.”

Business Insider saw that the embed clip from the appearance provided by the show’s site was no longer available on Thursday. Further investigation found that though there are other clips from the 50 Cent interview still on the “Conan” site, the one in which Jackson talks about the bankruptcy filing had been taken down.

On July 21, Jackson was in a Manhattan Supreme Court to testify in the lawsuit case and Leviston’s attorney addressed the comments Jackson made on the show.

Here is the questioning, according to a court transcript of the proceedings obtained by Business Insider.

Lawyer: Let’s talk about things you’ve said since this bankruptcy. You went on Conan O’Brien, did you not?

Jackson: Yes.

Lawyer: You said that you made a joke out of the fact that you need protection regarding bankruptcy?

Jackson: Yeah. You got to smile when you are in public situations. If you’re crying, they will just have more fun with you.

Lawyer: Did you also say that you considered yourself a target?

Jackson: I do.

Lawyer: Were you talking about this case?

Jackson: Well, just in general because overall if you know attorneys make a living off this.

A spokesperson for “Conan” told BI that the clip is no longer available and had no other comment on the matter.

On July 24, Jackson was ordered to pay $US2 million in punitive damages in the Leviston case.

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