One of Conan O'Brien's writers went on a Twitter rant insulting Jimmy Fallon, and Conan totally shut him down

A longtime writer for Conan O’Brien’s late night show chose to use Twitter as a venting outlet late last week, and O’Brien totally shut him down for it.

Late last week, Andrés du Bouchet, who Uproxx reports has been employed by Conan’s show for seven years, went on a mini-rant insulting Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden and the state of late night comedy.

du Bouchet has since deleted most all of the tweets, but Uproxx was able to salvage the text:

A few minutes later, du Bouchet had a change of heart and tweeted regrets for the outrage.

“Once again I’m a bonehead for tweeting as a fan of comedy instead of as a guy who earns a living doing it,” du Bouchet tweeted.  (Read all of those tweets here; Uproxx preserved them but they too have been deleted from Twitter.)

One tweet hasn’t been deleted though — one from O’Brien, who, without dropping du Bouchet’s name, was able to shut his writer down with a swift subtweet.


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