Footage Of Conan O'Brien's Fantastic Tour Show Hit YouTube

Conan O'Brien

Conan O’Brien kicked off his tour in Eugene, Ore. this week. Now footage of his show is flooding YouTube. We’ve captured a few highlight moments here, with Conan digging at NBC for kicking him out of The Tonight Show, bringing back versions of his old act including the “Self-Pleasuring Panda” (which NBC also took from him when he left) and more. 

Watch them all here >

From what we can tell from the videos, Conan’s tour is hilarious and as forthright as he can be about how NBC treated him.

If fans are impressed, which they seem to be so far, he could drum up more support for fans to tune into his TV show on TBS, debuting this November.

According to the Daily News, Conan’s buzz is so good, his lower ratings on the cable channel might not matter.

As long as he brings the laughs.

See if Conan still has the chops:

Watch Conan’s tour here >

He's baaaack! Here's (jumpy footage) of Conan's opening segment.

Conan discusses the '8 Stages of Grief' after losing a talk show.

Conan sings about his mum.

Check out Conan's band!

Who is to blame for kicking Conan out in the first place?

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