Conan O'Brien made a jaw-dropping Donald Trump parody ad 'just for black voters'

After Donald Trump recently made his pitch to black voters by telling them,

What the hell do you have to lose?” TBS’s “Conan” hosted by Conan O’Brien imagined what the Republican candidate would say in an outrageous parody election ad targeted to African-Americans.

Earlier this month, Trump tried to appeal to black voters with generalized comments about the state of their lives: “You’re living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. Fifty-eight per cent of your youth is unemployed.”

Critics have called his comments generally tone-deaf and ignorant.

So “Conan” jumped on the opportunity to imagine what Trump would say in an election ad targeted to black voters. The show doubles down on the stereotypes and generalizations of African-American life.

For example, the parody promises positions in the White House for ’90s music group Bell Biv Devoe. The Trump in the ad says that when he’s president, “every prince will be fresh.” He’ll create a new timezone for “coloured people time.” And he promises that black people will get their own bathrooms and water fountains.

Finally, the parody’s tagline is, “Make America Grape Again.”

Watch the outrageous parody below:

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