Con Artists Are Selling Fake iPads In Texas -- Again

A con artist recently duped an Arlington woman into shelling out $200 for what she thought was a new iPad worth $800.

What she really bought was a mirror covered in duct tape. Not to mention a Fed Ex box, if that’s any consolation.

NBC 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth reported that the con artist approached the woman in a gas station, where he offered to sell her “iPads and stuff,” including laptops. She took the bait on the fake iPad and is now down $200.

This same type of scam actually happened around the same time last year, when con artists trolled the North  Texas area selling purported iPads and Macbooks, which turned out to be painted blocks of wood or paper notebooks.

Moral of the story: don’t buy iPads on the street — or laptops for that matter.

Watch NBC 5’s story on the iPad mirror below:

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