ComScore Delays Release of Google Paid-Click Report

Did Google’s paid ad clicks crater again last month — or recover? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Stats giant comScore was supposed to release its February “paid clicks” report today after the market closed, but we now hear it will be delayed until tomorrow. Why? We’ve called comScore for comment, but at this point have no real info.

One source hears that comScore held the report because it “wanted to add some stuff to it.” If this is true — and right now it’s 100% rumour — our guess would be that the “stuff” comScore wants to add is interpretation. Last quarter, comScore added “interpretation” after releasing the report because Wall Street took one glance at Google’s plummeting paid clicks and panicked. We wonder if, this time, comScore is trying to head off the concerns before they crush the stock.

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