British people believe the United Kingdom will tear itself apart after Brexit

United KingdomJeff J Mitchell / GettyThe United Kingdom faces an uncertain future

LONDON — A majority of British people believe the United Kingdom will tear itself apart after Brexit, a new poll has found.

62% of Scottish people and 53% of all UK voters, believe the country will fracture over the next ten years, according to a Comres poll for the BBC.

The independence movement in Scotland and growing uncertainty over the post-Brexit border between Northern Ireland and the Republic could combine to end centuries of political union between the nations of the UK.

Comres / BBC poll: The United Kingdom will no longer exist as either Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland will be independent:

  • Net Likely: 53%
  • Net unlikely: 45%

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has led to renewed calls for a second Scottish independence referendum.

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon has pushed, so far unsuccessfully, for a new poll before Britain leaves the EU in 2019.

Theresa May’s decision to leave the single market and customs union has also led to growing uncertainty in Northern Ireland.

In recent weeks the Irish government has called for a new border between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland after Brexit in order to prevent smuggling.

On Wednesday an Irish parliamentary committee also published plans for Northern Ireland and the Republic to reunite.

The proposals, which were set out in preparation for Brexit, envision a cross-border referendum on a united Ireland taking place over the coming years.

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