Check Out The Trailer For North Korea's Highly Anticipated 'Comrade Kim Goes Flying'

The Pyongyang International Film Festival opens in North Korea this Thursday.

According to the AP, the festival offers North Korean movie goers their one chance to see films from the UK, Germany and elsewhere (though not America). This is a big deal in a country where wealthier residents are willing to pay 500 won to see the newest releases from China and South Korea (that’s about $5, which is kinda a lot in a country where the GDP is $1,800), and the festival only happens once every two years.

Apparently the big film this year is “Comrade Kim Goes Flying”, a joint production between North Korea and European filmmakers that was filmed in North Korea in 2010. It’s a romantic comedy about a coal miner who dreams of becoming an acrobat.

We’ve included the trailer for the film below. It looks beautifully shot.


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