Computers will soon work with people to create 'superminds' smarter than any individual previously known


While the increasing power of computers gets attention, an article from the Sloan School at MIT suggests groups of people working with computers will create “superminds” that are smarter than any group or individual previously known.

The article suggests these “superminds” will have a kind of collective intelligence, an ability to do things that the individuals in the groups, or computers alone can’t complete without each other.

The article highlights that as machines increasingly participate in the intellectual, as well as the physical, activities with groups of people, in the future machines and humans will work together more efficiently than currently possible.

To be successful, the author suggests people supply the general intelligence and other skills that machines don’t have, while machines supply the knowledge and capabilities that people don’t have. Together, these systems will act more intelligently than any person, group, or computer has done before.

The article suggests that many people today assume that, with developments in artificial intelligence, computers will eventually do most things by themselves. However, the author notes that most things now are done by groups of people, and rather than trying to replace the people, we should put computers into these groups to boost the thinking power.

As new technologies make this easier, we are likely to see many more examples of human-computer “superminds” being used to solve all kinds of business and societal problems from designs for new houses, to cities, educational systems, and medical treatments.

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