Cats Using Computers


Photo: Flickr/Stephen Woods

Computers are pretty vital to humans’ lives. Some people think cats are too.When you put them together, well, you get this slideshow: Cats Using Computers. 

These playful hairballs may lack the necessary opposoble thumbs in order to make any real use out of a keyboard and monitor— like writing a blog or Googling celebrity diets — but they make pretty cute juxtapositions of feline vs. machine.

Here’s your obligatory 60 seconds of Friday bliss…

Does this computer make me look old?

What is this, plastic? Feels nice.



Yep, I'm so cute, you could survive off my cuteness and never have to do work again.

Rough day.

Cats prefer Linux.'re home early...umm I was just...umm...just...oh, nevermind.

Hey Chuck, how many you think we could pile on here?

Yea, real funny. Are we done here?

Best friends.

I can't believe she put that on her profile.


Just browsing.

See, I told you I could fit.

Cat and mouse.



I swear I'm not vain.


Cats would have a really hard time typing in China.

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