How a computer technician turned his sixth-generation Corvette into a fully remote-controllable sports car

  • Bjorn Harms is a Dutch computer technician who turned his Corvette into a remote-controlled car.
  • Even with the adjustments, the car still functions as his daily driver.
  • He also converted a DeLorean and Knight Rider Replica.

Narrator: Today, we take a look at a full-size remote-controlled Chevy Corvette. Bjorn Harms is a Dutch computer technician and creator of the R/C Corvette.

Bjorn Harms: My inspiration for building the R/C Corvette came from watching the movie “Back to the Future” when I was a kid.

Narrator: The entire building process took Bjorn around one year to complete and cost him just over $US4,000.

Bjorn: Some of the challenges I ran across were definitely hiding all the controls under the dashboard in such a way that the car was still a daily driver.

Narrator: He did the same exact transformation to an original DeLorean DMC-12. Bjorn even converted a customer’s Pontiac Trans Am that he was modifying to resemble the vehicle featured in the 1980’s TV series “Knight Rider.” And he has some large aspirations for the future.

Bjorn: It would also be cool to do something for, I don’t know, movies!