20 Photorealistic Pictures Of Computer-Generated People

It shouldn’t be terribly surprising that artists can do amazing stuff with computers nowadays.

Monsters destroy cities in the movies and people fly and turn invisible, for example.

And a new school of 3D artists has taken to creating some astounding imagery of human beings without using a single real human.

Check out these images that come to us from CGTrader, a blog cataloging the happenings of the 3D art world.

Country music superhero Johnny Cash.

Heath Ledger's incredible portrayal of The Joker lives again.

Artist Alex Huguet on his work on this picture: 'I'm not too happy with it but I don't think I will keep tweaking it anymore.'

This picture is computer-generated, but the person portrayed is real. He's Markus Ruhl, a bodybuilder who got started when a soccer injury took him out of the game.

A Vietnamese man smokes his cigarette.

This is a mythological character called a satyr, and he's pals with Pan and Dionysus.

Artist Zbynek Kysela created this image while trying to make the subject seems as 'alive' as possible.e

Let's get medieval. Here's a scary imagining of what a ruler/warrior may have looked like in the Middle Ages.

Realism obviously wasn't the priority for this image, but it's well-done nonetheless.

This picture was an exercise in creating realistic white skin.

Jack Sparrow!

Here's Johnny!

This picture of Latin American political leader Simon Bolivar was commissioned by one Hugo Chavez.

Heydar Aliyev was present of Azerbaijan from 1993 to 2003.

Here's a jovial-looking Henry IV.

Here's Javert from Les Miserables.

This is a Mursi tribesman from Southwestern Ethiopia -- there are about 7,500 of them left in the world.

A digital pinup girl of sorts.

Beijing opera is a famous Chinese theatre style that makes heavy use of makeup. Here a player is preparing for a show.

A tremendously well-done image of a sultry woman.

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