The Dallas Cowboys added an 11,000-square-foot esports facility to their massive headquarters

Complexity Gaming
  • Complexity Gaming just opened its new 11,000 square foot headquarters, The GameStop Performance Center.
  • The GSPC is at The Star, the Dallas Cowboys‘ 91-acre campus in Frisco, Texas. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and investor John Goff acquired Complexity in 2017.
  • The new headquarters will be open to the public and Complexity’s players will have access to the Cowboys’ state-of-the-art facilities.
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Complexity Gaming, one of the oldest esports organisations in the country, recently opened its new headquarters at The Star, the Dallas Cowboys’ 91-acre campus in Frisco, Texas. Complexity’s headquarters, formally named the GameStop Performance Center, spans 11,000 square feet and is open to the public.

Complexity was first founded in 2003 by CEO Jason Lake; Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and investor John Goff acquired the team in 2017.

“Given our organisation’s deep history, we are excited to continue this journey with an unprecedented facility that will drastically improve the lives of our players and provide a permanent home at The Star in Frisco for our fans old and new,” Lake said in a statement.

Designed by ICRAVE, the GameStop Performance Center will be open to the public while serving as a day-to-day headquarters for Complexity’s players, coaches, and management. While multiple sports ownership groups have also invested in esports teams, few franchises have invested in building their own facilities for esports.

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Complexity’s esports team members will be able to train within the same facilities as the Dallas Cowboys players and enjoy professionally prepared meals together at the Training Table inside The Star’s Ford Center, and train at state-of-the-art facilities like Cowboys Fit, the NFL team’s 60,000 square foot gym. Fans will also be able to see the team practice and compete in-person.

Here’s what’s special about Complexity’s new headquarters at The Star.

Like other facilities at The Star, the GameStop Performance Center will also be open to the public to socialise, shop, attend events, and enjoy other entertainment starting this summer.

Complexity GamingThe GameStop Performance Center is in located on the Cowboy’s 91-acre campus.

“The opening of Complexity Gaming’s headquarters at The Star provides fans of all ages an opportunity to engage with our franchises in a unique, hands-on way,” Jerry Jones, the owner and president of the Cowboys, said.

Complexity Gaming

Complexity’s private training room will be climate controlled with one-way glass that lets visitors watch the team, without the players being disturbed. The room is designed to mimic a tournament stage, complete with customisable lightning.


The GameStop Performance Center will also have a number of high-powered gaming setups for visitors to play the latest PC games, while casual gamers will have access to tablets for mobile games like “Fortnite.”

Complexity Gaming

GSPC also has studio space and editing bays for Complexity to produce videos for YouTube and Twitch.

Complexity Gaming

The team will have a dedicated Players Lounge where Complexity team members can hang out and watch competitions on a huge video wall.

Complexity Gaming

The public space will feature an 18-foot video wall that streams a variety of esports content, from live tournament coverage to Complexity’s produced videos.

Complexity Gaming

The “Mind Gym” is designed for mental wellness, using a mix of training software and low-impact activities like yoga to help players stay focused.

Complexity Gaming

The “Decompression Patio” will also give players a quiet place to relax, complete with nap pods so they can enjoy a nice view of The Star.

Complexity Gaming

Here’s what the GameStop Performance Center’s full 11,000 square foot floor plan looks like.

Complexity Gaming

Complexity officially cut the ribbon on their new headquarters on May 20th. To find out more about how the GameStop Performance Center was created, check out this video.

Complexity Gaming

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