11 Complaints About iOS 8

Ios 8 timcookAPApple CEO Tim Cook introduces iOS 8.

iOS 8 is out and the reviews have begun trickling in.

Apple’s latest OS got off to a rough start. The initial launch was buggy, to say the least, and Apple’s attempt to fix it just made things worse.

It’s worth noting that not all of iOS 8’s major features are functional yet.

Apple Pay, for instance, is expected to come online when Apple releases iOS 8.1 later this month.

Regardless, users have already begun forming their opinions on iOS 8.

We dug around to find out what people detest most about the update.

'My autocorrect is way worse since this iOS 8 update.'

'iOS 8 is killing my 5S battery.'

'Camera Roll is my biggest complaint.'

It seems like Apple has been listening to its users. Camera Roll will return in a future version of iOS 8.


'Every app I have keeps crashing.'

'iOS 8 issues with location services ... can't enable them.'

'The Tips app is the worst, really.'

'The 'Recently Deleted' album on iOS 8 is my worst nightmare.'

'The worst part of iOS 8 is the Family Share. I can't even update my apps.'

'The new Safari on iOS 8 is the worst browser I've ever had the displeasure of using.'

'URLs no longer work in calendar invites. Makes every teleconference an exercise in pain.'

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