11 Big Complaints About IOS 7

iOS 7 is here and if you haven’t updated your phone yet, you probably know someone that has. To some, it’s a welcome change. To others, there’s been a slight learning curve.
Even celebrities have weighed in with their opinions; some are embracing it, some are not.

We asked around to see what the biggest complaints are about iOS 7. This is what we heard.

'Some of the icons look like they were meant for kids. And the battery drains way too fast.'

'I wish we could choose which WiFi network we wanted to join from the control panel.'

'I miss being able to tweet from the old notification screen.'

'It took me way too long to figure out how to delete a text out of a conversation.'

'If you open an app from its place in a folder, clicking the home button will bring you back to the folder it came from, not the home screen. You have to double click.'

'The screen is too bright!'

'Sometimes the weather doesn't update accordingly. My weather had a rain background all day yesterday. It was sunny outside.'

'Some of the wallpaper options are just...ugly.'

'I can't figure out how to force close an app!' (Double click the home screen and swipe upwards on the app you want to close.)

'Some of my apps freeze and close each time I try to open them. I want to play Chess with Friends!'

'My morning alarm ringtone automatically changed when I updated.'

'I haven't gotten used to not being able to swipe right to search.'

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