Competition's heating up for Australia's most decadent milkshake

There’s a movement under way in the cafe scene which basically involves coming up with something decadent, stuffing it in a jar with a straw and hoping it will go viral on Instagram.

From what we’ve seen so far, pretty much everyone wins. You might have seen “epic freak shakes” from Canberra’s P√Ętissez doing the rounds recently:

P√ĘtissezInstagram/breakfastincanberraThe cafe has 4 ‘epic freak shakes’ on the menu.

Now here’s the first appearance of some competition from Sydney:

That’s a “Tella Ball Shake”. Erskineville Foodcraft Espresso came up with recently, having just opened in May.

It is exactly what you see – a donut, stuffed with Nutella, stuffed into a jar of Nutella milkshake, drunk through a straw.

If Foodcraft Espresso owners Aki Daikos and Simon Kappatos were looking for a viral hit, they found one. Images at the Instagram account @breakfastinsydney of the Tella Ball Shake have pulled up to 4000 views in the past day alone.

But they have some serious competition in Sydney from a quick scan of that account in particular, which trades exclusively in sharing what has to be the most photogenic food on the planet.

Here’s a shake from Speedo’s Cafe in North Bondi:

Another Nutella shake from Vogue Cafe in Macquarie Park:

Another appreciation post for the Nutella milkshakes at Vogue Vogue Cafe – Macquarie Park #sydney #breakfastinsydney #voguecafe

A photo posted by BreakfastinSydney (@breakfastinsydney) on

Cold brew tiramisu from The Grounds of Alexandria:

And while it’s not a shake, here’s some ice cream with a syringe in it from Azoto, in the Sydney CBD. Just for laughs:

Thanks @taramilktea New ice cream place Azoto – Sydney CBD #sydney #breakfastinsydney #azoto

A photo posted by BreakfastinSydney (@breakfastinsydney) on

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