The CEO Of The Sugar Bowl Made Nearly $600,000 Last Year

Sugar Bowl

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WASHINGTON (AP) — A new IRS filing by the Sugar Bowl shows it paid its CEO just under $600,000 in 2009.Paul Hoolahan pulled in $594,000 that year, down from $645,000 in 2008. That’s because Hoolahan got a much bigger bonus in 2008, when the Sugar Bowl hosted the national championship game. Hoolahan got a $140,000 bonus in 2008, and an $80,000 bonus in 2009.

Last year, a group called Playoff PAC filed a complaint with the IRS against the Sugar, Fiesta and Orange Bowls, claiming they violated their tax-exempt status. It called Hoolahan’s compensation excessive.

The three bowls along with the Rose Bowl rotate hosting the BCS national title game.

Playoff PAC wants the BCS replaced with a championship playoff system.