From Costco to Google, these are the top 25 US companies with the best bosses

Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesSundar Pichai is the CEO of Google. The tech giant ranked no. 3 on Comparably’s list.
  • Comparably, a website that rates companies across numerous categories, released its 2019 Best Leadership Teams list.
  • The ranking represents the best management teams, as rated by their employees, across several industries.
  • Of the 100 overall companies covered on this list, we’ve compiled the top 25 large firms that were recognised.
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How would you rate your boss?

A Comparably survey asked employees to rate their leaders, starting from the C-Suite and working down to direct managers. Based on anonymous responses over a one-year period, Comparably created a list of the best leadership teams in companies across the United States.

Employees were asked how they viewed their higher-ups, and their responses are telling of how effective leadership can contribute to a stronger company culture.

Comparably, a website that monitors workplace culture and compensation and releases ratings, covered a wide range of industries with this list. The rankings were divided into 50 large companies (with more than 500 employees) and 50 small/mid-sized companies (below 500 employees) with the best leadership teams.

You can find Comparably’s list of best leadership teams for both large and small/mid-size companies online.

Here are the top 25 large firms with the best leadership, according to employees:

25. Stryker

StrykerKevin A. Lobo, Chairman and CEO of Stryker

Headquarters: Kalamazoo, Michigan

What it does: A medical technology company.

What employees say: “They are experts in the industry and understand that we must innovate and change to meet customer and market demands.”

24. Shipt

Headquarters: Birmingham, Alabama

What it does: A membership-based online grocery marketplace.

What employees say: “Each member of the executive team truly cares about the company, the customers, and the employees. They regularly make themselves available to all, and do not separate themselves from the rest.”

23. LogMeIn

LogMeInBill Wagner, LogMeIn CEO

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

What it does: A public software as a service (SaaS) company involved in communication and conferencing, identity and access, and customer engagement and support solutions.

What employees say: “No matter how fast the company has grown, the executive team is still very accessible to an individual contributor. Most executives know me by name and have advocated for my career growth.”

22. Costco

Clark Howard: Save More, Spend Less/YoutubeWalter Craig Jelinek, President and CEO of Costco

Headquarters: Issaquah, Washington

What it does: A chain of membership-only warehouse clubs.

What employees say: “Costco management always lets you know your importance. From pushing carts to sweeping floors, every single person contributes to an excellent experience for the member. Employees are rewarded for their hard work no matter their station in the company.”

21. Sport Clips

Headquarters: Georgetown, Texas

What it does: A sports-themed haircut service.

What employees say: “The best thing about our leadership team is they are always excited about educating us and furthering our career. They have a passion for our industry and it shows.”

20. U.S. Bank

U.S. BankAndrew Cecere, U.S. Bank President, Chairman, and CEO

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

What it does: Meets business and personal banking needs.

What employees say: “We have a very driven, exceptionally qualified leadership team that leads by example.”

19. Northside Hospital

Northside Hospital/FacebookRobert Quattrocchi, Northside Hospital CEO

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

What it does: A healthcare facility.

What employees say: “Our leadership team is comprised of a dynamic group of forward thinkers who will stop at nothing to propel our organisation forward.”

18. Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & DeckerJames M. Loree, President and CEO of Stanley Black & Decker

Headquarters: New Britain, Connecticut

What it does: An industrial organisation providing consumer goods.

What employees say: “What I appreciate most about the Stanley Black & Decker leadership team is their general openness to exploring innovative problem-solving approaches and doing so with transparency.”

17. Fanatics

GettyDoug Mack, CEO and Board Director of Fanatics

Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida

What it does: An online retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise.

What employees say: “The leadership team at Fanatics is 100% aligned on what matters most – culture. They do a great job of hiring for cultural fit first, and functional fit second.”

16. Intuit

Courtesy of IntuitIntuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi

Headquarters: Mountain View, California

What it does: An accounting software provider that offers tax preparation and payroll services.

What employees say: “I like the transparency that our leadership team provides on the direction of the business and why decisions are made.”

15. Smartsheet

SmartsheetSmartsheet CEO Mark Mader

Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington

What it does: A cloud-based platform for work execution.

What employees say: “Leadership is very supportive but also pushes me to grow. All members of the executive team deserve to be in the roles that they have.”

14. Sage

Sage GroupSteve Hare, CEO of Sage

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

What it does: A firm that automates accounting processes.

What employees say: “Leadership is accessible, open-minded and always willing to listen. They share direction and big-picture goals.”

13. Salesforce

YouTube/SalesforceSalesforce CEO Mark Benioff

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

What it does: An enterprise cloud computing and customer relationship management solution firm.

What employees say: “So proud that our CEO Mark and the exec team are working hard to create a culture of giving back and equality for all, redefining corporate leadership and having so much impact on the well being of so many communities.”

12. Qualtrics

Brendan Moran/Getty ImagesQualtrics CEO Ryan Smith at 2014 Web Summit.

Headquarters: Provo, Utah

What it does: A software-as-a-service company and provider of an experience management insights platform.

What employees say: “I like that they inspire confidence in not only their competence, but also their character and trustworthiness. Love the transparency!”

11. Globant

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

What it does: A technology services provider that leverages emerging technologies.

What employees say: “The leadership team provides ample opportunities to learn, grow and ideate at a grassroots level.”

10. Delta Air Lines

Asa Mathat for Vox MediaDelta CEO Ed Bastian at Code Conference 2019.

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

What it does: A global airline.

What employees say: “I think that the leadership team has shown great vision and created a unique approach that has led Delta to the top of the industry in both profitability and customer satisfaction.”

9. LinkedIn

Justin Sullivan / GettyJeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California

What it does: A professional networking site.

What employees say: “They are doers, they don’t just delegate but jump in and take on tasks themselves when it’s needed.”

8. T-Mobile

ComparablyT-Mobile CEO John Legere

Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington

What it does: A mobile telecommunications provider.

What employees say: “The leadership team at T-Mobile is the best of the best. They not only support and emphasise company goals and objectives, but also supports your personal goal and family matters, and that’s how you earn my two thumbs up, way up.”

7. Insight Global

Insight Global

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

What it does: An information technology (IT) staffing solutions provider.

What employees say: “The leadership team exemplifies Insight Global’s shared values. The team embodies the mentality that leadership is here to serve and that we take care of each other, above all else. I couldn’t ask for a better leadership team.”

6. Workfront

Headquarters: Lehi, Utah

What it does: A cloud-based enterprise work-management solution provider.

What employees say: “They are all qualified, intelligent, and passionate about the business. They give us frequent updates on the health and vision of the company, and they are always receptive to constructive feedback.”

5. UiPath

UiPathDaniel Dines, CEO of UiPath

Headquarters: New York, New York

What it does: A provider of software automation and robotic process automation software.

What employees say: “The leadership team has built the fastest growing enterprise software company in history and has attracted the who’s who of VC firms.”

4. Microsoft

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington

What it does: A software products and services corporation.

What employees say: “Leadership is a very thoughtful group. They care about making decisions that will benefit everyone. Very trustworthy.”

3. Google

Headquarters: Mountain View, California

What it does: An internet-related services and products firm

What employees say: “They’re super humble, very caring, zero pride involved, truly lovely and inspiring people in the leadership roles.”

2. HubSpot

Brad Barket / Stringer / Getty ImagesBrian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot

Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts

What it does: An inbound marketing, sales, and CRM growth firm.

What employees say: “HubSpot’s leaders are truly remarkable. They care about your personal and professional growth and are passionate about solving for the customer.”

1. Dynatrace

ComparablyJohn Van Siclen, Dynatrace CEO

Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts

What it does: A software intelligence provider.

What employees say: “The leadership team is approachable and inclusive. They keep innovation and growth at the forefront of their agenda.”

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