The 25 Most Difficult Companies To Interview With


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Hiring managers are known to create a tough interviewing experience in order to challenge candidates and test their thinking abilities under pressure.To find out which companies have the toughest interviews, we turned to, which put together a list of the 25 most difficult companies to interview with.

The site looked through 80,000 interview reviews, ranking companies based on a 5-point interview difficulty scale.

Glassdoor also included a “negative interview experience” and “employee satisfaction” rating, to see if employees were ultimately satisfied with their jobs.

25. Amazon

24. Facebook

23. Headstrong

22. Progressive

21. General Mills

Interview difficulty rating: 3.3

Negative interview experience rating: 15%

Employee satisfaction: 3.8

Tough interview question: 'If you had $5,000, who would you invest in and why?

20. Stryker

19. Sapient

18. Juniper

17. L.E.K. Consulting

16. Teach For America

15. Procter & Gamble

14. Bazaarvoice

13. Susquehanna International Group

12. Cypress Semiconductor

11. Rackspace Hosting

10. Unisys

9. Google

8. Shell

7. Bain & Company

6. ThoughtWorks

5. ZS Associates

4. A.T. Kearney

3. Oliver Wyman

2. Boston Consulting Group

1. McKinsey & Company

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